The instant solution for direct cremation marketing

Direct cremation is set to increase dramatically in the next few years, Funeral Fusion provides an instant solution using clever Google ads management and cremation landing pages to send at-need calls directly to a funeral homes phones.

Direct cremation prices are generally lower than traditional cremation meaning less profit for the funeral home; however, the online demand for cheaper services is certainly there. Volume sales is the key. With this unique service it’s possible to catch all the people searching in Google for cheaper options, visitors click the Google Ads and land on the cremation landing page, which in turn has a higher chance of funneling a visitor down to your phones.

Funeral Fusion’s Direct Cremation Landing pages can increase conversions by up to 50%. All our pages have been designed and tested and are in use across the USA with great success.

  • Ideal for collection, cremate & return services

  • The ability to test the demand for lower priced direct cremation services

  • Can offer online payment options

  • Keep lower priced cremation options away from a funeral homes website pricing

  • Provides oppotunities to 3rd party and mortuary transport people in partnership with crematories

  • Start receiving at-need calls from day one

  • provides a marketing option into an area that is rapidly growing

  • Perfect for crematory owners


Comments from our clients

"David did a great job increasing interest in our funeral home. I feel comfortable recommending his services to interested funeral homes"


Jeff Collett

Owner - Konicek & Collett Funeral Home - Albany NYC

“ Funeral Fusion has been the difference in our on line presence and is what keeps our phone ringing". I'd recommend them for either a new start up or established funeral home. Money well spent."


Keenan Knopke

President and CEO Curlew Hills Memory Gardens - Clearwater Florida

"Absolutely delighted that we chose to use Funeral Fusion for our Google Ad campaign, a first class service from professionals who understand the funeral profession."

John Weir

John Weir

Owner John Weir Funeral Home Rainham London UK
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