Google AdWords Funeral Home Case Study

Funeral homes all face one common problem when it comes to finding new customers, and that's competing with one another at a local level. So what's the best solution? How can you implement it and the big questions, how much is this going to cost and will it work? 

What's Your Funeral Home's Unique Selling Perspective (USP)?

Most funeral homes have unique USP's (Unique Selling Perspectives). Many are traditional family run independent funeral homes and some that have operated for over 100 years, their USP is their families reputation in their local market. The same families have trusted their final celebration in life to the same funeral home, their loved ones have walked the same path over and over. The USP of others depends on what they offer, and with services such as direct cremation becoming more popular, it's important to have extra marketing channels to ensure a steady flow of sales, even if your 150 years old.

Let's start by taking a look at 30 days of Adwords campaigning for a direct cremation business in USA. This campaign has a budget of $2500 a month to spend on advertising, and targets an area radius of 15k around the city.

It's important to note that every Adword campaign is different, how much ROI that can be achieved depends on certain factors like local traffic amounts, competition and your budget. This example is at the high end of as good as it gets and the account has been active many years, it's a stable settled campaign that produces staggering ROI. AdWords does provide at need calls from the start and gets better month on month.

funeral marketing adwords



While it may look a little confusing at first, the image below tells us a lot about the last 30 days. We can see the campaign generated 84 phone calls, and approximately 49 converted sales.

It tells us the average position of Ads in Google paid search is 1.8. The CTR or Click Through Ratio is 6%+ a good indication the ad copy and ad extensions are working to pull in those Googlers. The better the Google advertisement, generally the higher the CTR, any CTR over 3% is deemed good. As you can see, this campaign produces twice as many targeted clicks to the landing pages than is seen as good, resulting in qualified phone calls.

49+ estimated sales from 83 phone calls at a cost of $2500 Adword budget
So as you can see, professionaly managed Adwords campaigns for your funeral home can really be a huge source of new customers and at-need calls.

Adwords if done right can be game changer for your funeral business

Not only does a well run campaign bring in new customers, but it strengthens your brand. If your funeral home is at the very top of Google search every time for every local FH search term it will instill trust in what you provide. You brand gets stronger, your sales increase and more importantly you stand above every other funeral home in your area dominating your market share.

So what should you do next?

If you are serious about increasing sales using Google Adwords then a unique service is at hand. We believe there is no other like it. A full all in one solution that once installed will see a steady stream of phone calls. The longer the campaign goes on, the more calls will be generated month on month.

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Article written for Linkedin 

Author - David Owen

First published July 2017

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