A Unique Service For Funeral Homes

Funeral Fusion offers a unique all-in-one service that combines our clever Google Ads management alongside high conversion landing pages designed to drive at-need calls direct your funeral home phone.

This service is one of a kind in the funeral industry and provides an instant solution for more custom. A professionally managed Google Ad campaign is only half the story, using landing pages are proven to increase sales by up to 50%.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is where a visitor “lands” after they have clicked a Google Ad. Landing pages are funnels that allows us to showcase a specific funeral service on a single page and direct them to your phones. Landing pages are designed with a single focused objective called a Call to Action (CTA). 

If a Google Ad campaign has 50 target keywords, there will be 50 landing pages to match. Each page follows the keyword or the search term of the visitor that clicked an ad. This is what we call the funnel of intent. 

Website home pages usually showcase every funeral service and can sometimes be overwhelming for a visitor. A Landing page is specific to the visitor’s intent and only provides information they are looking for. 

Follow the intent of the visitor

If a visitor clicks an ad having using the keyword “cremation prices”, they will be directed to a landing page that is relevant to “cremation prices”. This immediately confirms to the visitor they have found exactly what the seek and increases the chance of a phone call.

A landing page should be ridiculously clear

Straight to the point information presented in an easy way for our visitor to take in. Don’t over complicate and never deviate from the intent of the visitor.

No outbound links

Landing pages contain no links to external webpages because having paid for the visitor using Google Ads, we don’t want to give them the opportunity to leave the landing page. We want them to pick up the phone and call.

No other promotions for different services

Because a landing page only follows the search intent of the visitor, showing other services are irrelevant. Let’s say a someone Googles “cremation prices” and lands on the cremation prices landing page, there is little point advertising traditional burial, this would deviate from the intent.  If a visitor Googled “traditional burial” they would be directed to a different landing page dedicated to just that search term keyword and provide traditional burial information.

Reviews about your funeral service

A landing page should contain a few reviews of your funeral service. They can be Google, Yelp or Yellow pages, even your own websites. Reviews simply install a confidence in your service and helps drive a visitor down the landing page funnel to your phones.

Call To Action (CTA)

A Call To Action (CTA) is designed to provoke an immediate response. Our landing pages have strategically positioned “call to actions” down the entire page.  As Funeral Fusion landing pages only produce calls, the Call To Action will always be “Call Now” Call Our Family” Call 24 Hours A Day”, followed by a phone number. Placed down the page CTA’s are large and prominent, always providing the best opportunity to respond. Call To Actions are the bottom of the funnel. The next step is a phone call.