As a Google Partner Funeral Fusion has been recognized and rewarded for client retention, budget management and healthy Google Ad campaigns for our funeral clients.

Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) offers a means for your funeral service to appear at the top of Googles search results using a Pay Per Click auction system. With Google being the largest of the search engine giants using Google Ads marketing is the best option available to increase at-need calls.

Google Ads can help your funeral home achieve good results, not only does it generate at-need calls, but also helps to build your funeral service brand awareness in your local area.

Funeral Fusion understands your business, and we only partner with funeral service providers meaning the management you receive is highly optimised, focused and time tested. We grow your Google Ad campaigns over time constantly testing and monitoring to ensure month on month we achieve the very best results. Start small, get a return on your monthly Google Ads budget, and then expand your keywords and reach only when its feasible to do so. 

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The Benefits of using Google Ads for your funeral home or service

Target the right people

Funeral Fusion will maximize the profitability of your Google Ad campaign using data driven results. Every month new data is received that allows us make adjustments to the campaign, bid prices usually go down, and wasted clicks will decrease as negative keywords are added. Negative keywords actually stop Google ads from showing for irrelevant search terms, searches that would never convert, and where most budget waste goes. We aim to save you up and over 60% of your budget on wasted clicks.

Working towards better Return On Investment

Google Ads is an incredible platform that allows for very precise targeting, over time this gets stronger with keyword optimization, negative keywords, device, and bid adjustments. Funeral Fusion campaigns delivers your ads to the right audience  that are at-need, they are looking for your immediate service. These calls have a much higher conversion rate than just enquiries.

Your business online

Google Ads is a great way to boost your online presence, if your seen, your talked about. Building your brand is important and reaching the right sort of people (at-need) with great advertisements is the best way to drive both new and returning customers.

Who is Google Ads for?

It’s for anyone that wants a quick solution to increase business and receive more calls to a funeral service. Funeral Fusion will examine your local search traffic, competition and bid prices for the keywords we need to target, and then compare this data with the monthly budget you decided. If we believe it won’t deliver, we will advise a realistic budget, but if there is no search traffic to start with, we won’t proceed. 

We provide Google Ads campaigns for:

  • Pet cremation

  • Direct cremation

  • Traditional funeral services

  • Memorials

  • Veterans

  • Urns and Caskets

  • Jewellery & keepsakes

Targeting cremation with a funnel landing page website

The funeral landscape is changing so fast, the popularity of direct cremation is increasing and set to double in 5 years. This puts a lot of funeral homes at a disadvantage, especially if they don’t own the crematorium. Direct cremation prices are relativity low compared to traditional services and volume in sales is the key. Cheaper prices equal more customers, but still the need to find a financial balance and turn a profit.

Funeral Fusion has funeral cremation campaigns using clever website landing pages that will test the demand in your area without you having to change any pricing on your main website. It’s a great opportunity to tap into the ever growing trend without risk to your main funeral home services and pricing.

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